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DESTROYED: British countryside 'will be ruined by homes for migrants', says top minister

from mirror

Parliament just decided you have no right to know if your MP gets arrested

Tory Chris Grayling pushed through the new rule, arguingFUCKING HYPOCRITE HIS PARTY WANTS TO SCRAP THE HUMAN RIGHTS ACT naming MPs under arrest breached their human rights

from the void

Chris Grayling: The So-Called Justice Secretary Who Wants To Be Above The Law


That’s right – This Blog said what the mainstream media have been shying away from, because it’s clear: Conservative ministers including Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling refus…


IDS and Chris Grayling face a criminal case from a leading human rights lawyer. Disabled activist John McCardle of the campaign group Black Triangle lodged a police complaint against the MPs for ‘neglect of public duty’, because they failed to act on information about the deaths of people declared ‘fit for work’:


All migrants to get a British pension

BRITAIN faces paying pensions to all migrants under an EU plot to seize control of the benefits system.

from The Independent

Get over the election of Donald Trump, says Boris Johnson

At an awards ceremony last night Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Britain would make a ‘Titanic success of Brexit’ to cries from the audience of “it sank!” The Prime Minister, who had already appeared on stage  in a hi-viz vest and hard hat to receive