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Soulja Boy Mom Died? - Lisa Way Apology Soulja Boy's mom Lisa Way is not dead. She is currently in the hospital. The rapper whose real name is DeAndre Way posted an apology to Chris Brown and Lil Yachty. In the video Soulja Boy explains that the person who starts the beef doesn't matter it's about the person who ends the beef. He further discusses his erratic behavior over the past few months. Soulja Boy says that his mother's doctor informed him that she should be okay. He says that his…

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Soulja Boy Dead Serious About Fighting Chris Brown! SHOWS OFF HIS BOXING...

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Tattoos. Chris got most of his tattoos inked when he was just thirteen. His first tattoo was Jesus with music notes, because he wanted to express gratitude to God for blessing him with music.

Soulja Boy Calls Chris Brown A Dead Beat Father! "YOU DO DRUGS IN FRONT ...

"If had the minutes, I would turn em in to hours, and make love to you mind an not your body instead."

Chris Brown – “Every Tattoo I Have is a Big F**k You”

Chris Brown – “Every Tattoo I Have is a Big F**k You” -

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