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Age Appropriate Chores for Kids: Printable

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13 of the Best Chore Charts for Kids

13 of the Best Chore Charts for Kids: Chores are a great way to teach kids responsibility, independence, and self-sufficiency. Getting started with kids assigned chores can be challenging, but getting organized can help. Use one of these chore charts for kids to get started.

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Simple Chore Jars for Kids

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"I'm Bored!": Find out what this mom did to banish boredom!

Are you sick of hearing "I'm Bored"? Check out this bright and fun Bored Jar. Half simple chores (designed for kids ages 4-10) and half fun, imaginative play ideas, plus some blanks for you to fill in your own (based on your child's age and interests)! Come grab your FREE PRINTABLE!

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Button rewards for kids. Great way to encourage chores and good behavior. Added a good behavior all day at home too;). More

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17 Impressively Clever Ways To Get Kids To Do Their Chores

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Guidelines for Kids Technology

I just don't think that this is appropriate, it insinuates that if a parents wants to go through a holds texts and personal notes and social media they have full control over it. How is that fair to a teen? Isn't that a complete invasion of privacy?

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