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Chole Grace Moretz

{Fc: Chloe Moretz} "I'm Lariss. I'm shy and unique and I love dolls. My father makes them so he gives them to me a lot. People at my highschool thought I was weird because I played with dolls, but I'm proud of what my dad does. I love reading, singing, and little animals. I'm majoring in drama and minoring in law <3 I hope to one day be a professional actor/singer. I'm a first-year college student. I'm single and bisexual <3 Intro?" -Lariss <3

from Mail Online

Chloe Grace Moretz is unveiled as the new face of Coach

New twist: Chloe wears a luxe fur coat paired with a T-shirt, miniskirt and pearls as she playfully tugs on her braided hair

from Mail Online

Chloe Moretz dodges Heidi Klum at Andy LeCompte Hair Salon

Casual cool: Chloe went casual with a slouchy grey tank top and distressed jeans for her appointment