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Chola Names

By Big Gus Hey guys! What's the deal with Spike TV’s Tattoo Nightmares? Yes, the name sounds scary and confusing at first… I had the opportunity to be cast as one of the main artists on the show. M...


Her chola name is LA CONFUNDIDA she looks confused af

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Chatpate Chane

Chatpate Chane as the name suggests are spicy chanas that you can enjoy for breakfast or snacks. They are high on protein, add great flavor to the palate and can be complemented by rotis or any Indian flatbread.


mrspicasso's art room: 3rd grade name projects - possible art for the beginning of the year.

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La Bandanna Tee


dinfinite: Notorious Ang Photo: Gary RobertsHair: Brittany Healer I super love Notorious Ang…and not just because she shares my name


Chola Bronze Buddha Statue | Vrishvahana Transformation of Shiva | Origin: India. Circa: early 20th century. H 15 in., W 5.5 in., D 4 in. Buddhamuseum. The names and forms of Shiva are many. In the dance of many forms the Nataraj, Shiva’s dance of creation and destruction they are listed as 108 in the Shiva Purana, the deity is revealed in 1000 different aspects. Vrishvahana is one of these.


My very own disney punk edit. It took me forever, so I am very proud of it now :P


Mexican Cholas | Ghetto Mexican Chola Names