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Trident with Shiva as Ardhanari (Half-Woman) ca. 1050, Chola dynasty, South India. A Shiva Shakti sculpture almost a thousand years old celebrating the Oneness of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.


A 10th century bronze statue of the Hindu goddess Parvati from the Chola Dynasty.


Shiva Vinadharadaksinamurti, Bronze, Chola Dynasty, 11th century, Tamil Nadu, India, Musée Guimet, Paris


Parvati - c1200 Chola bronze statue, S. India (Tamil)


Chola dynasty statue depicting Shiva dancing as Nataraja. India


Tanjore paintings also known as Tanjavur paintings have decorated the walls of temples, palaces and homes since the chola dynasty(17th century). Deeply rooted in tradition, Tanjore paintings depict divine Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon in rich vibrant colors.<br><br> Notable for the adornment of semi-precious stones and 22 karat gold foils, the creation of a Tanjore Paintings involves a lot of dedication and several stages of meticulous artwork. <br> <br>


Portable shrine of Vishnu as Venkateshwara (front, open), Chola Dynasty (850-1250 CE)


A copper alloy figure of Parvati Tamil Nadu, Chola Dynasty, 11th century. 14 inches. Sold $72,100.

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