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Chocolate Rocks

Chocolate Rocks -- These classic milk chocolate multi-colored chocolate rocks are an amazing favor for any event. Designed to look like small river rocks but are actually chocolate!

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Top 50 Awesome Cakes

Top 50 Awesome Cakes - a drool worthy list of the most gorgeous, delicious cakes I have ever seen. There is such a great variety of peanut butter, strawberry, berry, some gluten free cakes and, of course, chocolate!

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Homemade cupcakes, candy clay, and chocolate rocks are the main ingredients in this #DIY edible terrarium.

Make an (Edible!) Terrarium

Homemade cupcakes, candy clay, and chocolate rocks are the main ingredients in this #DIY edible terrarium.

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Campsite on top of a giant dirt cake. Layers of chocolate cake, pudding, chocolate rocks, and gummy worms in a trifle dish. Trees are upside down sugar cones with royal icing (used a star tip). Graham cracker tent. Bonfire: clump of orange and yellow candles at varied heights surrounded by broken pretzel sticks (logs), circled with chocolate rocks. The "dirt" on top is crumbled chocolate cake left over from leveling the cake layers.

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How-To: Rock Candy Geode

How to make your own Rock Candy Geodes! Looks really cool. I have to try this sometime!

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Easy dinosaur birthday cake with crumbled chips ahoy, chocolate rocks and chocolate ganache. Dinos purchased at Hobby Lobby, trees at Michaels.

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White chocolate and macadamia rocky road

This is one of my 'go to' desserts for taking to summer Christmas events. It makes a brilliant Christmas food gift if you can bear to part with it. I add a bit more chocolate (3 bars) and a few more pistachios as mine come in an 80g bag. Just play with it until you get it how you like.

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Raspberry White Chocolate Scones

These raspberry white chocolate scones get rave reviews & are a big fan favorite on Rock Recipes. They have become a must have weekend brunch item for many.

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Chocolate & caramel flapjacks

these are the best!!! so quick, so easy, so yummy! but only bake for about 20 mins or they turn into rocks!

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