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Chocolate rain meaning

Grand Place Brussels Belgium. i grew up in Belgium and my parents used to bring us here for dinner.

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Please visit my song for Mr.Federer.It's 'Swiss Chocolate' for all.

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Hunter wellies. I can justify spending that much on rubber boots for Ireland...I mean, the farm, right? Farm expense?

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I'm going back. And I'm going to see more than the Eiffel tower at 5:30 in the morning in the rain. And the airport. I saw that.

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"Friday: Vlokfeest from @deruijter_nl on buttered bread with fresh fruit and a cup of Earl Grey # ------------------------------------------ If you don't know anyone who is Dutch, you may not know the Dutch are famous for eating chocolate sprinkles for breakfast and generally all day long. The most common is #hagelslag which kind of means chocolate rain but what most people don't know is that there are about 50 different types of sprinkle!!! #Vlokfeest literally means FLAKE PARTY Have a

Watch Brittani Louise Taylor, Tay Zonday ("Chocolate Rain"), Bree Essrig, & Steve Greene all talk about what YouTube means to them on SubCultures!

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