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Seis mujeres indígenas de Chisec- ALta Verapaz (Guatemala). Foto: Laura Gutiérrez (Manos Unidas)


Day Trip to Ceibal Archaeological Site Ceibal is located in Peten, at north from Guatemala City. It's almost for sure you come from Sayaxche (Peten) or Chisec-Raxruja (Alta Verapaz) when visiting Ceibal. Sayaxche is at north of Chisec and Raxruja. The road that takes you to Ceibal is in between and to be accurate, at just minutes from Sayaxche, the nearest city where you can find restaurants and hotels.Ceibal is still under study and pending for serious research. ...

Chisec Ventilateur Rouille Excloosiva

Chisec Ventilateur Rouille

Hotel Bombil Pek

Diseño y definición de imagen corporativa para Hotel B'omb'il Pek, en Chisec Alta Verapaz