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Dinosaur eggs ready to be hatched, the children loved this activity (small world dinosaurs, frozen overnight in coloured water in a balloon) they used tools and salt to hatch the Dino babies EYFS

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Crunchy Box

Crunchy Box: A fun activity for your toddler. Use stale food from your cupboard - crackers, croutons, etc. - and let your little one hammer them, make a sensory box and more!

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A workman perched atop this shaky chimney, all that is left of the building, is chipping away with a hammer. London during the Blitz, 1940.

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AWWWWW, Seb and Hiddleston look like teens found their dad's favortie chips and are like OH MY GOD I LOVE THESE CHIPS and Chris looks like the dissapointed dad that walks in the room to see his 2 sons eating his formerly secret stash of chips<OMIGOD!!

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Welders Chipping Hammers

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs!

Learn how to make 'Frozen Dinosaur Eggs'! A fantastic sensory play idea for kids of all ages!

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Interactive doesn't have to be all tech, or complicated. You can take a poll in your booth and make it visual! Exhibition Interactive, Graphic Design: Now in Production, Hammer Museum

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Chicago Pneumatic Chipping Hammer CP 4123 3H Hammer (8900000107) NEW

E Air Tool 1 - Chicago Pneumatic Chipping Hammer CP 4123 3H Hammer (8900000107) NEW, $319.99 (