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One of the most successful female pirates in the history of the world. During her active years as a pirate lord in early 19th century, she commanded over the famous Red Flag Fleet that was consisted from over 1800 ships and 80 thousands male and female pirates. Under her rule, Chinese pirates became invincible, resisting attacks from every major naval power of her time.

Headed a squadron of 80,000 pirates, ruled the Chinese seas for two decades, and actually retired happily - but not before extorting a nice pension from the Chinese government.

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The Chinese Female Pirate Who Commanded 80,000 Outlaws

Maybe Ethro has a favorite coat. :) Her wearing this military, men's jacket would really tick off her half-sisters and the guy who might be her father.

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The Best Pirate in History Was a Woman Called Zheng Shi

The Best Pirate in History Was a Woman Called Zheng Shi: Zheng Shi or Ching Shih, female pirate admiral who ruled the South China Sea.


Top 10 Audacious Acts of Piracy

With the death of her pirate husband in 1807, the former prostitute Ching Shih took command of several hundred ships, extorting money throughout the South China Sea. Her Red Flag Fleet was feared from the Chinese coast to Malaysia. Unable to defeat her, the Chinese government offered her amnesty. She took it & retired w/her immense loot as a respectable millionairess. She also took good care of her crew: most of Ching's pirates were pardoned.


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