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Marks on Chinese Porcelain - Straits Chinese Porcelain Plate, from Singapore. Incorporated in the rim border decoration is the surname of the owners, Siow in Mandarin. Base mark: Xin Guang Yuan Zhi - Xin Guang Yuan ( Company ) Made.

Best vocabulary list builder. Just paste your text in and you'll have an (almost) perfect list of words and phrases to memorize. There are times when the vocab generator spits definitions as "Surname" when they aren't, but the pinyin should help you figure out the real mening.

Chinese surname for "forest" or "trees". Back to my roots.


Com esse método inovador, aprender Chinês virou brincadeira


Customizable Chinese Surname Nameplate - a proud statement of your Chinese heritage


中国人常见99姓! 你的排第几? The 99 Most Common Chinese... - allaboutchinese

All about Chinese

Wrought Iron door gate (customized) - check out the one with a chinese surname. Maybe can customize our unit number instead.