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Copenhagen restaurant chain interprets Mediterranean flavours for the Scandinavian palette...

Norm architects has been charged with the design strategy, and the studio has looked to deliver a version of the Italian aesthetic that works for its Copenhagen audience, while still retaining some key Mediterranean characteristics...


The kitschy decor has Shanghai Tang written all over it from its lime juice and jewel red colours. The cafe is an extension of the brands mission to deliver a lifestyle vision of contemporary Chinese chic, pushing the Shanghai Tang brand DNA beyond fashion.


Meals on wheels! Robots deliver food to diners in a Chinese restaurant

A new restaurant in Jiangsu Province, China, is staffed by 15 droids (pictured) that not only cook food, but act as attentive and entertaining waiters too.

Restaurants in China roll out robot waiters and kitchen staff... Alex Jones Warn US About THIS!!!

China Golden will deliver freshly cooked food to you door. we have a wide range of menu... #chinese #food #homedelivery


Coding is the key in a world of robot workers

A robot that specialises in cooking, prepares jiaozi, or Chinese dumplings, at a Robot Restaurant in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China


A family dinner at a Chinese restaurant has inspired Abbie to work on HMA's "table maintenance" when it comes to delivering on the expectations set by our clients. [Click below for more]