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Fortune Cookie: "He who asks a #question is a #fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever." ---Chinese Proverb.


In Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin-yang, which is often called "yin and yang", is used to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world; and, how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Many natural dualities(such as male and female, light and dark, high and low, hot and cold, life& death, and so on) are thought of as physical manifestations of the yin-yang concept.

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“Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” -- Chinese Proverb – on Dragoon Mountain image, Arizona, taken by Florence McGinn -- Nature creates a connected world, and to FIGHT TO SAVE THE WORLD’S LARGEST PRIMATE, the world’s leading conservation organizations are not standing still. They have united to save the endangered, eastern lowland gorilla --

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