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Chinese places that deliver

Shanghai's bike couriers ("That's my box...right there near the bottom, sir....") ~too funny~

Shanghai's bike couriers ("That's my box...right there near the bottom, sir....") ~too funny~

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Beyond the Great Firewall of China: Miao Jewelry and Headdresses | Deliver Me Diamonds

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Goddess of Mercy rides on lotus flower, dragon or cloud, she floats graciously to deliver her devine love

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China 'seizes US vessel' in S China Sea

USNS Bowditch: "The US has issued a formal request to China to deliver an unmanned underwater drone that was seized in international waters, US officials say."

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Copenhagen restaurant chain interprets Mediterranean flavours for the Scandinavian palette...

Norm architects has been charged with the design strategy, and the studio has looked to deliver a version of the Italian aesthetic that works for its Copenhagen audience, while still retaining some key Mediterranean characteristics...

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The kitschy decor has Shanghai Tang written all over it from its lime juice and jewel red colours. The cafe is an extension of the brands mission to deliver a lifestyle vision of contemporary Chinese chic, pushing the Shanghai Tang brand DNA beyond fashion.

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artemisdreaming: Cherry Moon, 1900-10, publisher Daikokuya Seitei (Shotei) Watanabe . Does anyone know the dwelling place of the wind, scatterer of flowers? Tell me, that I may go there and deliver a complaint. ~Sosei the monk, 10th century translated by Michael Hoffman

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Beef and Asparagus Stir Fry

Skip the takeout! This easy, healthy beef and asparagus stir fry recipe comes together in the time it takes for the local Chinese place to deliver.

Who needs a truck? Novel ways to deliver furniture, poultry and people

An enterprising man pulls a bicycle cart packed high with bags of recyclable plastic containers in Shanghai Picture: REUTERS

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