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CHINESE DEAMONS | pics included] variety of demons/creatures from chinese mythology

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Chilli chicken recipe | How to make chilli chicken dry & gravy

Chilli Chicken, the most sought after Indo-Chinese dish in India, can be made in 20 minutes.....forget takeaways...step by step picture tutorial. #chillichicken #indochineserecipes


In Chinese mythology, Long Mu (simplified Chinese: 龙母; traditional Chinese: 龍母; pinyin: lóng mǔ; Wade–Giles: lung mo) or Mother of Dragons was a Chinese woman who was deified as a goddess after raising five infant dragons. Long Mu and her dragons developed a strong bond for each other, and have thus become an example of filial devotion and parental love, an important virtue in Chinese culture.


Falcor - commissioned needle felted chinese style dragon by bjmaiee, via Flickr


The people of China have a long held belief that they are descendents of the dragon, a tradition that is firmly embedded in their culture and one that is encountered across all aspects of Chinese society and in the minds of its people. Whereas in western cultures the dragon is usually regarded as a symbol of malevolence, in China it is held in high esteem for its dignity and power for good.


Nüwa and Fuxi represented as half-snake, half-human creatures.

Ai Weiwei’s Suspended Bamboo and Silk Beasts Highlight Ancient Chinese Mythology Inside a Paris Department Store


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Chinese bloodless Vampires that suck Chi or energy. Anyway, you die.

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What If the Avengers Became the 8 Taoist Immortals of Chinese Mythology

What If the Avengers Became the 8 Taoist Immortals of Chinese Mythology?