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25 Traditional Chinese Dishes Everyone Should Learn To Make

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This recipe for congee, or Chinese rice porridge, is a great vegetarian breakfast option and an all-around comforting meal (even for dinner)

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Fried Rice With Beaten Egg

Chinese Egg Fried Rice (how to make fried rice perfectly) | China Sichuan Food

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Ji Dan Bing: The Chinese Breakfast of Champions

Chinese Breakfast, Flat Rice Noodle Soup. #chinesefood #homecooking

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Chinese Stir Fried Tomato and Egg

Chinese Tomato Eggs are as simple as they are surprising - perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

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Jian Bing (Chinese Breakfast Crepes)

Back in February I wrote about a savory crepe-like dish I had eaten in Beijing, China two years ago. We didn’t know the name of the pancakes and after attempts to find a similar recipe on-lin…

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Basic Congee Recipes

Basic Congee Recipe with Rice - Delicious, but still need to find a recipe for corn and/or pumpkin congee!

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congee with pork sung, sliced chinese doughnut, chinese pickled cucumber, chili bamboo shoots, green onions

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