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10 Important Tips for Caring for Chinchillas

Soooo cute and incredibly soft & fluffy! | 10 Important Tips for Caring for Chinchillas | Pets & Pets Care

Chinchilla, Aquarelle - Rodent - All images © by Katheleen Lemaire (_Banzaii. Photography). You may NOT use, replicate, manipulate or modify images in any form without my written permission. For more photos, check out my Website ( and my Instagram (

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The chinchillas are mammals. Here are some chinchilla facts: their natural habitat is the South part of Latin America. Chinchillas live in colonies of 100.

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10 Benefits of Owning Chinchillas

The chinchilla is nearly synonymous with expensive fur. The interest of the fur trade can put severe pressure on a species though, especially when the...

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