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How to make chilli pepper jam

Sweet and spicy chilli pepper jam is great on cheese and crackers or with burgers. A nicely presented jar makes lovely Christmas presents.

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Warming Chunky Vegetable Soup Recipe

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Insanely good oxtail stew

Might need to half the quantities though Insanely good oxtail stew | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK)

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Humble chicken stew & dumplings

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Spicy tomato baked eggs

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Slow Cook Turkey Chilli

We decided to try a slow cooker turkey chilli (instead of using beef) and it was delicious, full of flavour but isn't too hot to scare off the kids.

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Green Lentil Lasagne

This green lentil lasagne is an extremely tasty, vegetarian family recipe. With delicious melted mozzarella within and a tasty cheese crust on top (both reduced fat) complementing the nutty flavour of the green lentils, this truly is something different.

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