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Who Would You Tell? Free coloring page to talk about body safety with kids and creating a circle of trusted adults that a child could talk to, if they ever need help.


Alice (far left) worked in a factory at age seven to help support her family of nine Not that long ago. .


You're going to be a bum for the rest of your life to avoid paying child support? That's brilliant! That'll show her. You da man dude, you d...


When a Child Discloses Abuse Edit: This is important for EVERYONE, not just someone who works in psychology. NC laws state that everyone has a duty to report expected or known abuse.


What is child support? Child support is a monthly financial payment by the non-physical custodial parent to the physical custodial parent towards their child's daily needs. Child support gives financial support for things such as the child's shelter, food, clothing, medical expenses, and educational costs. Child support laws guarantees that parents take financial accountability for their children, even after their marriage has ended.