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Prepare to Answer These 4 Questions at Your Child Custody Hearing

A Child - You will be asked numerous questions throughout a It is highly beneficial to prepare beforehand so that nothing catches you off guard, and a can assist you with this.

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Win Child Custody with These 14 Dos & Don'ts

14 Dos and Don'ts for Winning Child Custody: Winning child custody requires a mix of decisive action and careful restraint.

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9 Rules to Make Joint Child Custody Work

We asked our experts for their best rules for making shared child custody work for you, your ex, and your kids.

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Important Info About Your State's Child Custody Laws

Child custody laws vary from state to state. Here, you'll find a clear legal explanation of the child custody statutes for all 50 U.S. (plus Washington, D.C.).

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Information You Need to Document About Your Child Custody Case

Tax planning is more than just knowing when and how to file; it is just as important to make a plan for saving for taxes, so you can pay them without having to empty your savings accounts or, worse, incur debt