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Chief Rabbi

David RUBINGER, Rabbi Shlomo Goren (Chief Rabbi IDF) at the Western Wall…

from Mail Online

From a jellybean Queen to a Monarch made from money, the most unusual portraits created for the Diamond Jubilee

Thrifty art: The Queen would approve of how Jane Perkins has recycled rubbish including old buttons to create portraits of her in her youth, left, and today

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Portraits of tribal chiefs and hunters from Alberta's First Nations

Pollard's work featured a number of individuals from different tribes, including Jim Rabbit of the Kainai Nation


When Lili Jacobs accidently discovered the Auschwitz Album at the close of WWII, the very first person she saw when she looked inside was Rabbi Naftali Zvi Weiss, the chief rabbi of Bilke, her Rabbi from her home town. He is the man on the left in this painting.

from The Forward

Only One Chief Rabbi in Israel Under New Knesset Bill

A Knesset committee voted to approve a bill that would create one chief rabbi position instead of the current two.

A. Merjev. Vintage Portrait of the Hungarian Chief Rabbi Jakob Koppel Reich. Ink -

Dr Hertz, Chief Rabbi carrying the Scroll of Law This is the printed page from The Sphere dated April 19th 1913. The scene depicts Dr Hertz carrying the scroll of the law during his induction as Chief Rabbi at The Great Synagogue in Duke Street Aldgate London. Featured are Lord Swaythling, Lord Rosebery, Lord Crewe, Sir Edward Stern, Sir Marcus Samuel, Sir Charles Henry, Sir Stuart Samuel, Sir Herbert Cohen, Sir Adolph Tuck, Mr Leopold de Rothschild and Sir Philip Magnus.

Yaakov Bleich - Chief Rabbi of Ukraine & family; Said Ismagilov, the Mufti of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine - & family

The Frisco Kid 1979. Gene Wilder and Leo Fuchs as the Chief Rabbi.

Check out this inspiring list of historical Jewish believers in Yeshua including a Prime Minister of England who called himself the "blank page between the Old Testament and the New", a Chief Rabbi who read the New Testament and found the Jewish spirit streaming from every word, and even the son of Theodore Herzl! And visit this link for a short history of Messianic Judaism in Israel: