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Fast Food Nutrition Facts #fs4703 §130.245. Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness TEKS 3(I) The student demonstrates knowledge of nutritionally balanced diets. The student is expected to examine the nutritional value of fast foods and convenience foods;

Chicken Express Nutritional Facts I couldn't love a fast food restaurant any more than this. If I am going to eat bad, it better be this good.

Sonic Drink Add-in Flavors and Toppings Nutrition Facts - trying to figure out which flavors I can add to my water w/o adding carbs. Mint is my fav

"Questions and Answers Regarding Jerky Pet Treats (15 August 2012)." The FDA has begun testing on duck and sweet potato jerky treats due to consumer-reported pet illnesses. This is in addition to the chicken jerky treats they've been testing since 2007. And all the while, pets continue to die. Way to go, FDA.