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Chicago-style Popcorn

I MADE Turnips 2 Tangerines' Chicago-style Popcorn yesterday 04.16.16 but it didn't compare to Garrett's. I'll keep trying to perfect ir.


Chicago Style Popcorn Recipe

Chicago Mix Popcorn Recipe - Cheddar and Caramel Popcorn mixed together- Great Sweet & Salty combination!


Chicago-Style Popcorn

Half of the enjoyment of watching a movie is the popcorn! This recipe for Chicago Style Popcorn is loaded with caramel and, yes, cheese for a fantastic and addictive snack! The bowl will be empty before you know it!

Chicago Mix Cheddar & Caramel Popcorn

Salty & Sweet. Cheesy & Buttery! This mix of popcorns is a fantastic mix of flavors commonly referred to as Chicago Popcorn! You've seen it in popcorn stores and in pre-made bags, but now you can make it at home!


Chicago-Style Popcorn

Chicago Style Popcorn Recipe. Think of this as a copycat Garrett's popcorn recipe! Makes a delicious DIY homemade Christmas or holiday food gift. A sweet and savory mix of flavors that everyone will love!

Chicago-Style Popcorn

Recipe: Chicago-Style Popcorn — Bite-Sized Gifts


Chicago-style Popcorn

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Chicago-style Popcorn

On the Menu Today~ Chicago-style Popcorn Chicago-style popcorn is absolutely delicious! If you have never tried Chicago-style popcorn, ...