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17 Jaw-Dropping Chicago Locations for Drinks With a View

Because drinks with awesome views of Chicago > drinks without awesome views of Chicago, here are 17 places to enjoy the former, from rooftop bars in the heart of the city, to pond-side tipple-ries with Michelin stars.


Greetings from Illinois - State Map Postcard - State Symbols


Where to eat pizza like a local in Chicago

23 Hidden Gems You Must Visit In Chicago

Headquarters Beercade 2833 N. Sheffield, Lakeview This incredible bar’s most unique trait is its wide selection of FREE arcade games. From classic games to pinball, this place has it all. And the drinks are priced well, too.


Giordano's Pizza! Chicago.


22 Things to Eat in Chicago Before You Die

22 Things to Eat in Chicago Before You Die PIZZA POTPIE AT CHICAGO PIZZA & OVEN GRINDER CO. It’s not quite deep dish, it’s not quite pot pie. You must try it yourself to understand. No regrets. 2121 N. Clark St.; 773-248-2570 or


Where to Eat in Chicago

A foodie guide on where to eat in Chicago! The best places you'll want to hit up when you visit the Windy City!


The Best Pizza Places in Chicago

Thrillist - Find the Best and Most Under-Appreciated Places to Eat, Drink and Travel


A comprehensive guide to Chicago pizza for 2015

Despite the growing number of chain restaurants across America, regional cuisine remains as vast as our continent is wide. Some may travel far distances just for a taste of authentic, iconic state dishes, but to know the history behind their creation is