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Activities to avoid with Chiari... - Chiari Malformation - MedHelp

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We may not tell each other everything, or be able to understand how each other feel all the time ,but that's okay. We come around eventually

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...and you wanna scream, but no one would understand why. :-) Yep. It happens.

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Chiari Malformation type I...the massive symptom list! I don't suffer from all of these *thank you God* but a good number of them. Now you'll understand all the snarky medical-disaster-cat pins

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This is so true!! I know most people who give me advice on how I should be managing my health, love me & the advice comes from a good place. However, if it was as simple a fix as lose weight/exercise more/take this medication or supplement - I can assure you I would have done so by now. KJ

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Dysautonomia: There is NO cure. At best, management and control of episodes and an endless list of symptoms which vary from patient to patient.

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