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from Fox News

Tiger Woods’ former mistress Rachel Uchitel will undergo brain surgery later this month for #Chiari #Malformation. (this was reported by TMZ)

That's right keep fighting and spread awareness !! You are more than your Illnesses !! Chiari Warrior's Life 💜

We may not tell each other everything, or be able to understand how each other feel all the time ,but that's okay. We come around eventually


Although insulin is a life-support that keeps Type 1 Diabetics alive and well, THERE IS NO CURE. *I will keep praying that a cure will soon be found.*


Any chronic illness,or invisible disabilities etc.Anxiety,CFS/ME,Fibromyalgia,Lupus,Chronic pain,morbid obesity, caused by an eating disorder or not,learning disabilities,cognitive disabilities,any invisible illness, or any other type of challenge,like functioning on medications that cause unbelievable brain fog and make you exhausted and sleep all the time.