Cherry Bakewell Tart Recipe - a classic British tart; top a shortcrust pastry case with cherry jam, spoon over a layer of frangipane and finish with flaked almonds and a generous drizzle of simple white icing. And it's not as difficult as it looks!

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Cherry tomato and sweet chilli jam. This deliciously sweet yet spicy jam goes beautifully with cheese and home-made biscuits.

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delia says ' don't bother with cream and jam, just butter'. she's clearly mental but makes a great scone so I'll let her off this time...

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Another easy idea for edible Christmas presents. And yes, it may be early but it will improve with standing.

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I make this every year for cheap-but-wonderful Christmas presents for family and friends. And I always make sure that there is enough made so that I can keep at least six jars for myself. This is brilliant on cheese sandwiches, in a chili, or to pep up some chicken wings.

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Black Forest Cupcakes! Rich chocolate cupcakes filled with cherry jam and topped with coconut cream (vegan + no refined sugars)

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This glorious lemon curd recipe is sunshine in a jar. Easy to make, it's the perfect indulgent topping for morning toast, or to jazz up your desserts.

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Bing Cherry Jam -- best version EVER! Recipe here:

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