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Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual: Established in 1946, it serves mainly as a cooperative mutual for 300 Cherokee craftspeople, the facility has a large display area for those interested in historical baskets, masks, pottery, fingerweaving, wood carving and more. Open all year, yet hours vary seasonally; call ahead n the off-season. No admission fee.


The Qualla Boundary is territory held as a land trust for the Federally recognized Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. It is part of their historic territory in this area. The indigenous Cherokee, an Iroquoian-language people, were here for centuries before European encounter, having migrated from the Great Lakes area. The land is technically not a "reservation", in that tribal members can buy & own the land, provided they are enrolled members of the Tribe.

My daddy made sure to take us to awesome places on vacation. Our family loved the Indian Reservation in Cherokee, NC. My sister and I learned an Indian dance and got cool souvenirs!