That's cool it's signed by Cherami Leigh Lucy's English voice actor! I've met her before and she was really nice!

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Stella's profile pic (source: #WinxClub

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Persona 5 - Official Cherami Leigh Makoto Interview Atlus sits down with Cherami Leigh discussing her role as Makoto in the English version of Persona 5. November 16 2016 at 09:00PM

Persona 5 - Official Makoto Trailer (English) Atlus reveals Makoto's English voiceover in Persona 5 played by Cherami Leigh. November 16 2016 at 09:00PM

Holy crap yes! Johnny Yong Bosch,Crispin Freeman, and Michael J Tatum are my frickin Idols!

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Not Cool (2014)

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