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11 Style Lessons Learned From Clueless

amelie Materialism. In this generation, the measure of your success depends on the goods you own, how much stuff you have, what care you or your parents drive, what you wear and where you live. Kids naturally want things, especially if their friends have it too. Now don't get me wrong, I think we have all been guilty of begging our parents for that new pair of shoes that you believe will make you 'cooler' at school, or the newest iPhone so you can seem 'up to date' with the newest…


So adorably Clueless! Wildfox takes a style lead from Cher, Dionne and Tai for Nineties-inspired spring collection

Clueless- I don't usually like a lot of the silly teen type movies, but I did enjoy this one.


Here are the 15 best outfits Cher Horowitz wore in Clueless

What is cheating in a relationship and why girls cheat? It will be fair to say things have changed drastically in the century. Love and relationship a


32 Pieces Of Life Advice From Cher Horowitz

Your version of reality is just as valid as someone else's. | 32 Pieces Of Life Advice From Cher Horowitz


15 Unwritten Laws Laid By Clueless

Things always look perfect from far away. But when you get closer the flaws are totally obvious. | 15 Unwritten Laws Laid By Clueless


50 Totally Rad Trends From the '80s and '90s

Between listening to new wave and boy bands and staring at our posters of Rob Lowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, and JTT, we somehow managed to style ourselves up in acid-washed jeans, biker shorts, jellies, and other semi-horrific pieces way back when. Even