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Gorgeous shot by photographer Chen Man, I think it might be Shu Qi the actress, but whoever she is... HOT!

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Which Ancient Chinese Goddess Are You?

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Chinese art ~~ For more: - ✯

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There are 56 ethnic groups in China that have been specifically recognized by the government. In this series, Taiwanese artist Chen Shu Fen (陈淑芬) has painted stunning portraits of women from each one in their traditional dress. This one here is of a Achang woman.

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台灣插畫家畫的56個民族人物手繪【超美,56张全】Hand painted illustrations of 56 ethnic groups from China. The artist Chen Shu Fen (陈淑芬) is best known for her paintings of beautiful women and handsome men. She has worked on a project in which she painted 56 Chinese ethnic groups from China. Each staying true to there original ethnic clothing.

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Chen Shu Fen (陈淑芬 -is from: Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, China Unicom. Painting illustrations illustrator 56 national figures, and they are all hand-painted paintings.

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