Looking for a science experiment that will blow them away? What about separating proteins with Red Bull and milk!

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How to make toothpaste - science experiment for kids.

Make a balloon hovercraft. This simple kids craft will help explain air pressure and provide hours of fun. We loved this simple science experiment.

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Love kitchen science experiments with materials you already have in the pantry. These simple science activities all use salt plus one or two other ingredients. Kids not only learn salt attributes, but also scientific thinking, process, and methodology. Cool food STEM project ideas to do at home or school or homeschool.

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Our Lunch Bunch group was fascinated by this simple science experiment. It was a fun way to introduce the scientific method. First I presented them with a problem. “I have all these dirty old pennies. I really want them to be shiny like my new penny.” The children brainstormed some ideas to clean the penny–... Read More »

Baking soda and vinegar react in this movement and power STEM activity to power a boat made with recycled materials. This is a fun outdoor STEM science experiment for kids.

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