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It's good! But to me it feels like this whisky is a bit confused or it's flavours not marrying well together. Elegant smoke but I kept getting 'hits' of highland whisky coming through instead of them dancing on my tongue together. As chris chambers described it, it's like a gorgeous dessert pie that the chef decided to char the pastry top with a blow torch. All in all, it's a v refreshing dram for a smoky peaty style. We both really like it! Http:// #springbank #whisky

50 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

Chef's Torch It not only caramelizes sugar and browns meringue, but it’s also handy for melting cheese or adding a little extra crisp to any...


The Best Mini Kitchen Blow TorchesWe have all seen the top chefs using these torches to create very impressive looking creme brulees and other toppings. If you want to achieve the same brown, slightly roasted toppings on your desserts, then owning one of these is the secret to that success. These are also great for [ ] The post Best Kitchen Blowtorch appeared first on Love Your Kitchen.

Eddingtons Chefs Brulee Torch