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Vegetable biryani pie

Peter Joseph creates a wonderfully fragrant vegetarian pie with a twist – two fantastic comfort foods in one, this is a fragrant vegetable biryani topped with a crisp, flaky Jus-Rol puff pastry lid. While it requires a relatively well stocked store cupboard, this curry pie recipe is simple to put together and delicious served with a cooling raita on the side.

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Lobster masala

An indulgent lobster tail recipe from chef Peter Joseph, this Indian masala recipe poaches lobster tails in a fragrant, spiced tomato sauce,…

Lobster masala

An indulgent lobster recipe from chef Peter Joseph, this elegant curry features lobster tails poached in a fragrant, spiced tomato sauce. Frying the whole spices first releases the maximum aroma into the oil for flavouring the rest of the dish.

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Tamarind salad

A refreshing side or light starter, this fruity salad from chef Peter Joseph is a signature dish on the Tamarind restaurant menu. With the crunch of apples and pumpkin seeds, soft stone fruit and a spiced, citrus dressing, it's a great recipe to spice up your salad repertoire.

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Learn how to make minted lamb chops with pickled pumpkin using Great British Chefs' recipe by Peter Joseph. Get inspired & cook with Sarson's Malt Vinegar.

Top London chefs reveal favourite egg recipes just in time for Easter

Peter Joseph of Zaika' egg Bhurjee served in a roll

Mango kulfi

Peter Joseph's simple mango kulfi recipe uses condensed milk for sweetness and the vibrant flesh of the mango for a refreshing treat. A delicious Indian dessert recipe to make a sweet, fruity end to any meal.

Khajur ka halwa

A delicious halwa recipe from chef Peter Joesph, this date and walnut fudge recipe is served hot as a sticky, fragrant dessert – perfect with a scoop of cooling vanilla ice cream.