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Chef Nigel Haworth

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The Northcote

An Interview With Chef #Nigel #Haworth

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Lancashire Hotpot

Guest chef Nigel Haworth shows us how to make the perfect Lancashire hotpot with Red Cabbage

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Lonk lamb Lancashire hotpot, roast loin, pickled red cabbage, tangled carrots and leeks

Lancashire lamb hot pot.- 1) start on the pickled cabbage. Half and quarter the red cabbage. De-vein away the large stem and finely slice the red cabbage leaves. Salt the red cabbage well in a colander for 2-3 hours until a deep rich colour is achieved 2. Drain and wash away the salt – pat dry. Place all the vinegars, wine and sugar in a pan and cook on a med heat for 6-8 mins or until reduced by half 3. Meanwhile, place the star anise, bay leaves, peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon stick..cont

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Loin of Herdwick mutton with honey and mint dressing and Jerusalem artichoke purée

This striking autumnal mutton loin recipe by Michelin-starred chef Nigel Haworth uses a water bath to break down the meat's traditionally tough fibres, resulting in wonderfully tender, moist slices. This recipe is from Northcote’s tasting menu, so to make a full-sized portion you will need to increase the quantity of mutton and artichokes.

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Cauliflower carpaccio with Morecambe Bay shrimps & samphire

A restaurant-quality light lunch dish from Lancashire-based Michelin-starred chef Nigel Haworth

Nigel Haworth’s Lancashire Hotpot recipe

Michelin star chef Nigel Haworth

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Melting ginger pudding with iced double cream and caramel custard

Chef Nigel Haworth creates a spicy ginger pudding recipe accompanied by a rich caramel custard and iced double cream.

A dish by Michelin Star Chef Nigel Haworth