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King oyster mushroom, blue cheese, cherry vinegar, chocolate, truffle

Matt Gillan’s veggie dish combines the flavours of mushroom, blue cheese, cherry vinegar and chocolate to make a dazzling starter

Tonka bean panna cotta with popcorn crumble and soy sauce gel

Braised pig's head with black pudding and pumpkin

Matt Gillan shares a pig's head recipe that is not for the squeamish. See how he serves up a snout with black pudding and pumpkin in this im...

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Christmas pain perdu

Matt Gillan gives the classic dessert of pain perdu a distinct festive touch with star anise and cinnamon flavouring the dish

Mushroom orzo with soy sauce jelly, king oyster mushrooms and parsley

Award-winning chef Matt Gillan supplies an awesome orzo recipe, making the most of the pasta's rice-like quality and serving with a brilliant soy sauce gel