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Chef Christoffer Hruskova

from Great British Chefs

Green rhubarb sorbet

Green rhubarb sorbet A brilliant rhubarb sorbet recipe from Christoffer Hruskova makes a brilliantly tart dessert

from Great British Chefs

Dark chocolate floedebolle

This dark chocolate floedebolle recipe from Christoffer Hruskova uses sea buckthorn juice to add piquant flavour to this dessert

from Great British Chefs

Grey mullet with nettle, sea kale, parsley and cream

Christoffer Hruskova shares a stunning recipe for pan-fried grey mullet with…

from Great British Chefs

Liquorice ice cream

Award-winning Nordic chef, Christoffer Hruskova, shares his lovely liquorice ice cream recipe, an unusual treat for a hot summers day

from Great British Chefs

Summer vegetables with smoked cheese and herbs

Christoffer Hruskova shares an impressive summer salad recipe with Great British Chefs. Elements include hay-smoked cheese, spring…

from Great British Chefs

Yoghurt sorbet

Creamy and delicious, this yoghurt sorbet recipe by Christoffer Hruskova is an oasis of flavour for a hot day. Enjoy the sorbet on its own, or paired with a variety of cake, tarts or fruits

from Great British Chefs

Salted pork neck, dried berries, wild mushrooms and wild garlic

Christoffer Hruskova's pork neck recipe comes served with an impressive range of…

from Great British Chefs

Beetroot sorbet

Christoffer Hruskova transforms earthy beetroot with this sumptuous and intriguing beetroot sorbet recipe. Serve this beetroot sorbet on a fine summers day