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Wood pigeon with cobnuts

Alan Murchison uses cobnuts as a garnish in this glorious wood pigeon recipe.

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Sea trout with ruby chard and clams

Alan Murchison's sea trout recipe results in a refreshing dish which sources the best of British coastal produce.

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Foie gras with rhubarb and duck breast

This is a foie gras recipe of real finesse, award-winning chef Alan Murchison serving the delicacy with fresh slices of rhubarb and a rhubarb chutney

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Lamb rump with wild garlic, anchovy and pea purée

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Goat's cheese, roasted beetroot and a black olive tuile

Deconstructed salad: Goats cheese and beetroot are becoming a classic partnership. In this goats cheese salad recipe, Chef Alan Murchison deconstructs the combination, creating a goats cheese mousse and beetroot towers, serving this impressive starter with a black olive tuile

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Lamb rump with wild garlic, anchovy and pea purée

Lamb rump is an underrated yet supremely tasty cut. In this lamb rump recipe, Alan Murchison teases out all of its qualities - serving with a pea purée, anchovies and wild garlic.

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The Performance Chef Alan Murchison's meal planning guidelines

Sea trout with ruby chard and clams

Top chef Alan Murchison creates an elegant sea trout recipe using prime produce from the British coast. Sea trout, clams, ruby chard and samphire all feature

Sweetcorn panna cotta with crab cannelloni

Crab and sweetcorn proves to be a glorious combination in this exquisite crab recipe from award-winning chef, Alan Murchison UK

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