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Maybe I will do this with my sister at the beach this summer! @panda13lover

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These are definitely not exactly accurate but it gives you the jist of it.

20 Gymnastic Moves Explained in the Best Way Ever

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im guna stretch a lot this year so by fall next year ill be able to do this!i realy love the show cheerleaders and love gabby

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A Cheerleaders Story. from Kythoni's Cheerleading: Stunts board p.6.1 #KyFun m.30.3 #cheer

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This is absolutely true. Even if you hit it 5000 times in practice, its that one stunt in front of the crowd that means something. The crowd doesn't know that we hit in practice, they just know we fell when we got in front of them. No matter how many times you fall you have to stand up one more time.

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