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Check For Plagiarism Online

An online tool that checks grammar and spelling. Also great for detecting plagiarism. I tried this myself and it actually gives a grade!

Recently I got to know about a new online service that checks text for copied content. It basically uses a 3 step process for tracking Plagiarism. After visiting the homepage you need to click on the following button to go to the page where you will be prompted to paste the text which you want to check for Plagiarism. It opens result in a new page where it lists rates the text in percentage plag rate.

Check out the Stewart Library's new information literacy aid. The HeLIOS tutorial is designed to help students learn library and research skills that will help them find information for papers and projects. The program has eighteen different lessons that focus on topics such as plagiarism, developing a research question, and finding information online. Each lesson is in the style of a graphic novel and is intended for high school students. HeLIOS Jr. is for elementary school students.


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Perhaps you've been assigned to take this test. Maybe you just want to know how to avoid failure and expulsion. Check out this Plagiarism Test from Indiana University Bloomington's School of Education.