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Creative Direction/Art Direction: Nedjelco-michel Karlovich Design in collaboration with: Hort. These posters were created in collaboration with Hort in Berlin and Nike Global Football in EMEA.

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Afbeelding: The 7 steps of Conflict Escalation visualized by us for The Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution - a nonprofit organisation. We got an enormous amount of positive feedback on this info-graphic. Because of that, we hope we're able to offer it as a poster to anyone interested.

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LOVE this idea, currently on the lookout for a good but cheap polaroid picture printing place. Will probably do this with clothes pegs just below the NY poster. Until then, I've ordered 10 photos which I'll probably stick below the bookshelf.

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Winchester - Frequent Trains and Cheap Fares - Southern Railway, by Frederick Griffin. The interior of Winchester's Cathedral, with the sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows. Original Vintage Railway Poster available on

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