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Cheap Headstones

The Ten Minute Tombstone - The Basic Prop in any Halloween Yard Haunters Hoard | Halloween Alliance


Creepy / non specific / ideal for ie 'The unknown soldier ' etc ? ( We all got to say 'Bye ' at some point / one of only a few CERTAINTIES in this journey we call 'life ' / say it like it is n all that !! ☑️

from Decoration Love

25 Halloween Decorations to Make at Home

Halloween Decoration Inspiration …


previous pinner said:I made little wire hand forms-covered the wires with crumpled paper and tape to make them look like real hands, and then I started paper macheing them. I've done about 15 pairs of hands so far.My idea is that I'm going to paint them black and have them hanging down at different lengths & sticking out from the wall.


Oh my goodness...brilliant. The Fed-Ex Box Gravestone "How To"


Tombstone Decorations for Your Lawn! Use our spooky templates for a frightfully simple way to create crafts and decorations for Halloween. Set out a few tombstones in your yard and let them work the graveyard shift on Halloween. These are made by trimming gray paper bags. They bear an eerie resemblance to real gravestones when lit with mini lights.


I Have Nothing Further to Say - 100 years!


Buried in Whiteladies Road Cemetary, Bristol England...


Fred Astaire: This is the number one example of just why you should make your OWN pre-arrangements! His much younger wife had this cheap marker made that doesn't even acknowledge who this magnificent man was and his contribution to the world.