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Pistol: FP-45 “Liberator”. Simple and cheap, 1,000,000 were turned out within one month for only $2.10 for each complete kit. They were concealable, reliable, and powerful. But they had an inherently short lifespan, inaccuracy, and slow follow up


A weapon that encapsulates our ideals: Cheap and easy to make, and therefore a weapon accessible by everyone. And really damn good at getting through armour, so good at taking down the nobility. If only we could find a LARP-safe version...


Do you need a safe place to store your guns? Here are 5 fireproof gun safe reviews, Comparison & Guides for your best options.


$99 VelocityVault by GunVault® Handgun Safe If your going to own a handgun keep it locked up! Especially if you have children in your home!

GunVault SpeedVault Gun Safe - Gander Mountain--- keeps your gun safe out of kids reach, but easy for you to get to in case of emergency! Pretty sure my dad needs one!


In Wall Gun Safe Reviews, Comparison & Guides of 2016