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Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster - SSS - Lake Placid Blue. This budget electric guitar has three single-coil pickups with five-way switching, smooth-playing rosewood fingerboard with 21 medium jumbo frets, synchronous tremolo bridge and large '60s-style headstock. For a detailed guide to cheap electric guitars see

Cheap electric guitars. Usually when one imagines cheap electric guitars the first thing that comes to mind is a piece of junk that warrants the term cheap electric guitar. You get what you pay for right? If you want to get a decent quality guitar than be prepared to pay for it. What you might …


The Epiphone SG Special is the equal 3rd highest rated electric guitar you can buy new for less than $200 - it has a street price of $179.


Learn how to play the electric guitar. Read about good, cheap ones to start your journey:


Kramer Baretta Special. Re-live the '80s with a budget version of one of the guitars played by Mr Edward Van Halen. Street price: $179.99. For a detailed guide to cheap electric guitars see