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75 Canon photography tips for taking control of your camera


Manual Modes of DSLR : Guide that Works

Manual Modes of DSLR requires a bit theoretical knowledge. Manual Modes of DSLR can deliver the best out of your DSLR and a Good Lens using your skill.


The most awesome chilli jam recipe

I make this every year for cheap-but-wonderful Christmas presents for family and friends. And I always make sure that there is enough made so that I can keep at least six jars for myself. This is brilliant on cheese sandwiches, in a chili, or to pep up some chicken wings.


8 Top Beginner Photography Tips

Beginner Photography Tips ....♥♥.... Easy and actionable tips to get your started learning your DSLR! Click through for tips and FREE printables for beginners!


By: Oded Wagenstein There is no doubt that using natural light in portrait photography can get you the best results. However sometimes, as you all probably know, natural light does not do what he’s told. So here comes into action what I like to call my secret weapon in outdoor Portrait Photography. It is cheap, easy […]