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I have been trying to build a computer with leftover parts. I can't find anything new enough to run my games though. I think I may have to stop being so cheap and buy some new equipment. Bill |


Don’t listen to CD’s anymore? Use a CD and the keys from an old keyboard to build a creative clock like this. Thrifty Ninja shows you how.

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The women code-breakers who operated the first electronic computer during WWII

Rare picture of women code-breakers who operated the world's first electronic computer during WWII has been uncovered. The photo has been kept in a bureau by Joanna Chorley for 7 decades. The 88-year-old was part of the Colossus C watch at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire and one of the world’s first computer operators. Colossus Mk I attacked its first Lorenz-encrypted message on 2/5/1944 in a bid to decipher the highly sophisticated cipher used in communications between Hitler & his…

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How to turn a spare LCD panel into a working monitor for $33

Turn old laptop screen into new display... would be cool wrapped in wood. This tells you how to do just that.


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Recycled Computer Part Jewelry Rainbow Ribbon Cable Cuff Bracelet


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10 Cheap & Easy DIY Laptop Stands

10 Cheap & Easy DIY Laptop Stands | DIY Roundup - Part 10 Copper pipe!