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from Childhood101

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper: 4 Ideas for Rolling Pin Printing

Rolling pin printing is a brilliant way to print wrapping paper at home! Buy some cheap rolling pins (or reallocate some old ones) and wrap them in string, bubble wrap or netting (the stuff oranges and lemons come in). Roll in some paint (use Christmas colours) and then roll onto some brown packing paper or lining paper. Homemade wrapping paper done!


for paint experimentation: provide a range of objects for stamping or rolling and different textures to wrap around e.g. elastic bands, bubble wrap, glad wrap, string or anything else the students think of

from Dollar Tree

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Cheap Bubble Wrap for Watercolor if you don't have any from home: Bulk Jot Cushion Bubble Wrap at

prop intestines....Ingredients: bubble wrap, paper towels soaked in beet juice, plastic food wrap, scotch tape, and white thread.


Looking to pack the Flat Screen TV? Start by wrapping Bubble wrap around the Flat Screen Monitor before placing in the TV Box. #TV #Moving #movingsupplies