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The Smithsonian's Design Decoded blog reports on the latest developments in 3D printed footwear, including the fashion designers and students who are experimenting with printing out shoes using cheap materials that only last for "one lap down a runway." I actually kind of like these...


A low cost 3D printer with basic tools

A low cost 3D printer with basic tools. I love the tutorial for making this 3d printer. The best one I've seen so far with minimal tools.


Could 3D Printing Disrupt the Designer Eyewear Market? By Vikram Alexei Kansara 24 May, 2013 As 3D printing systems become better and cheaper, the designer eyewear market may soon start to feel the effects, with potentially wide-ranging implications, from product development to counterfeiting.

Recycling milk jugs (HDPE/PET) into 3D printer filament can save as much as 99 cents on the dollar and as well as the environment.

Watch this giant 3D printer build a house


Caltechs Tiny High Resolution Camera Chip Can Turn Your Smartphone Into A Mobile 3D Scanner | FILACART BLOG | 3D Printing MegaStore