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It the Charlie Brown Medley sheet music from the Piano Guys! Description from I searched for this on


Peanuts, Schroeder - This mini musical genius is rarely separated from his toy piano or his idol, Beethoven—except when he’s calling a game as the reliable catcher on Charlie Brown’s baseball team. The rest of his time is spent fending off unwanted advances from the bane of his existence: Lucy.


LUCY -- FIRST APPEARANCE: March 3, 1952 - Known around the neighborhood (and by her little brother, Linus) for being crabby and bossy, Lucy can often be found dispensing advice from her 5-cent psychiatrist’s booth, yanking away Linus’ security blanket, or humiliating Charlie Brown. Lucy’s only weakness? Her unrequited love for the piano-playing Schroeder. - DID YOU KNOW: Lucy often speaks out for women’s rights and has high aspirations to one day be President and Queen.

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Wednesday Wisdom: Lose Yourself

The Joy of Listening to music through a vinyl record being played on a real record player!✌