Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas | Illuminated Address presented to Charles Stewart Parnell from the Tenant Farmers of Ireland, 1880 | This illuminated address was presented to politician Charles Stewart Parnell by the leadership of the Land League to commemorate his speech to the United States’ House of Representatives in February 1880. Parnell toured the United States in 1879-80, building awareness of the Irish Land League and raising financial assistance for evicted tenant farmers back in…

Charles Stewart Parnell was an Irish politician who advocated strongly for Irish home rule but his efforts were ultimately thwarted by the British government- MIKE I

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The Irish Land League and Charles Stuart Parnell

Charles Stewart Parnell

Irish Punt- Punt Éireannach 1992-2002 notes featured people who contributed to the formation of a modern Ireland- Sister McAuley, James Joyce, Daniel O'Connell, Douglas Hyde, and Charles Stewart Parnell


Ireland's greatest ever poet was utterly infatuated by Maud Gonne, a fiery revolutionary who “hurled the little streets upon the great” in Yeats' immortal line during her role in the 1916 Uprising. Unfortunately for Yeats the love was unrequited. They met in 1889 and she turned down all his offers of marriage. Even 17 years later in 1916 after her husband was executed for taking part in the 1916 Rising, he proposed to her again and was refused.